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Chef Sissi

Talented Asian Homechef

Shanghai, China
English, Mandarin Chinese

My passion for cooking started when I was a little girl watching my mum use her magic hands turning ingredients into ballet on top of the tongue.


Growing up in Asia gave me the opportunity to try some of the best food in the world and inspired me to pursue my hobby for cooking. I believe each ingredient represents a different source of life. I fell in love with Thai cuisine when I travelled in Thailand for a month. After that, I went to Chiangmai cooking school to perfect my Thai cooking techniques. If you are not satisfied with the regular Thai restaurant food, I will show you what is the real taste of Thai cuisine!

Classic Thai - 2 Course Meal - $35/per person

Tom Yum Soup
Thai Red Curry
Thai Green Curry

Chinese Traditional Hot Port - $25/per person

Chinese Traditional Herbs Hot Pot Soup base
Baby Mushroom Combo
Vegetable Combo
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