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Cloudchef: Dining Re-imagined!

People have always eaten. Our dining option for centuries was home cooking, with the occasional stay at an inn. After the industrial revolution, we had more options like fancier restaurants, fast food chains, pick-up or deliveries. With the achievement of landing a human on the moon, what we did for food evolution was to industrialize and GMO everything we could to allow companies to earn more money and feed more people as we advertise.

The evolution of technology and Peer to Peer economy, like Air B’N’B, and Uber taxi service, have changed how we sleep and travel. At the same time it has changed our perceptions about how we live and interact. With all the new and wonderful things that change every aspect of modern living, the dining habits we had from a century ago have almost stayed the same, except for the sad trend of fast food, leading more and more people to cancer.

Our society hungers for change, hungers for dynamic options to dining, hungers for healthy, fresh and non-processed food. This is why we created Cloudchef -- to bring this change right into your kitchen, to let you enjoy having a professional chef cook a gourmet meal with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Our chefs provide a one-stop service of shop-cook-cleanup so you can focus your energy on creating long lasting memories with your friends.

We believe there is a fundamental connection between food and people. It isn’t just the food, it’s the social aspect of dining together, of sharing life stories, and of caring about each other. It’s enjoying the passion and love the chef has placed into preparing the food. It’s about creating memories. These memories can be effortless. No yelling about who forgot to pick up the tomatoes. No sweating over boiling pots. No rushing around a the last minute making all the dishes come together on time. Cloudchef brings a talented chef to compose his music in your kitchen, so you can fully relax, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “Thank God, I don’t have to cook today!"

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