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The Tyranny of Food

Food. There is no escape.

I’ve been married for 45 years. I feed my family three times a day. That’s 49, 275 meals, and counting. That’s a lot of cooking, and a lot of time in the kitchen. Well, okay, I have to admit, I saved myself some time by cooking big one day and serving leftovers the next. And we did our share of fast food, restaurants, and visiting friends and relatives for a nice dinner. Still, I’ve spent 10,000 hours in the kitchen for sure, and that makes me an expert.

Women in my generation expect to cook. Their families expect home cooked meals. But you know, some days we get a little tired of it. These days, dinners are expected to be more than meat, potatoes, vegetable. My mother used to serve pork chops, mashed potatoes and peas. Now, people expect Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and other exotic and gourmet offerings. They want spicy, herby, odd vegetables and different combinations. My family wants avocado salad, roasted fenugreek, Thai stir-fry.

Imagine my relief to find I can now ask a real chef to come to my house, cook dinner, wash the pots, and vanish, leaving me to relax with my family and toss the dirty plates in the dishwasher.

Who thought this up?

I’d better investigate.

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